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When Life Hands You Lemons

 “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” ~ Elbert Hubbard There are times when life challenges us. Times when it can feel like our vital force has been squeezed right out of us. This was my experience through a financially trying time, while struggling with the idea of cutting back on expenses. However, with good […]

3 Tips for Developing Holistic Habits

Our thoughts and behaviors not only have an effect on our life outcomes, but also change our body physiology as well. Ultimately, our thoughts and behaviors can positively modify negative health predispositions. Here are three helpful tips that you can use as a guide to encourage your child to develop the healthy habits of a […]

Building Better Brains with Mindfulness

Many years ago while going through my divorce, one of my sisters sent me an audio tape called Stress Relief in an effort to help me relieve my anxiety. I loved that tape. It was a guided visualization set on a beach with water and seagull sounds to authenticate the relaxation experience. I’ve searched high […]


Welcome to the Holistic Children Radio Blog, where we explore everyday family issues and other matters of the heart. I hope you will visit here often, and please check out my blog radio program Holistic Children Radio where you can find helpful information from expert interviews on a variety of topics. It’s been a great year […]