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As a result of my personal struggles as a parent, I have passionately spent over 25 years researching the dynamics of the family. I have recently completed coursework in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a focus in health psychology, interpersonal communications, and stress management.  My drive for parental improvement has set me on a journey to share and teach, first developing workshops on nurturing self-esteem, then to self-publishing materials for parents and children, and in turn, inciting a series of Parenting Seminars which I hosted at California State University, Dominguez Hills. My concepts and philosophies have expanded into a  family of their own through The Ascending Circle Newsletter and more recently with Holistic Children Radio. 

None of us are immune from life’s adversities. However, we can certainly make a choice to transform through them. With that said, yesterday’s pain has become my purpose. Today, together with a worldwide network of concerned individuals who recognize the importance of nourishing personal growth, we advocate for the best there is to offer our children; inside and out. It is my honor and privilege to bring you the latest in holistic health, to help support your ever-changing and evolving families, linking cutting edge research with mindful applications.

My Journey

My interest in holistic health began in the early 80s as a culmination of my impending health challenges. As a result, I found that what I ate and how I treated my body had a positive effect on my health. As a means to share my experience with others I started working at a local gym where I encouraged healthy eating habits, taught exercise classes, and worked as a fitness trainer. I acquired certifications from the American Counsel of Exercise (ACE) and the American Couching Effectiveness Program (ACEP). Additionally, I studied massage therapy and nutrition, and as I recognized the challenge of my client’s busy lifestyles, I started a consulting business of my own to bring the convenience of exercise to the workplace and home. I offered classes at company locations for employees, and I was available for in home group sessions, personal coaching, and offered an exercise video program that I developed under my “Body Maintenance” brand.

Happily sidetracked in 1983, I found myself pregnant with my first child. This, incidentally, opened a new chapter of my life and an interest in the importance of one’s health while pregnant. As a new mother I was hungry for answers and accordingly became even more conscious of my health behaviors and habits. As my children grew, so did my concern over the foods being marketed to them. When my children entered grade school I was disheartened to see the growing number of children who were beginning their lives overweight. Consequently, this prompted my ongoing research into holistic health and to a deeper understanding of how our environments, cultures, and families, support or denounce it.

In the mid-90s I experienced a divorce which led me on a journey of personal growth. I expanded my research efforts to exploring alternative modalities, now referred to as integrative medicine in the health community. This began as a means to quench my desire for keeping my family physically and mentally healthy to compensate for the lack of health insurance. I began relaxation and meditation practices to alleviate my anxiety. At the same time I embraced meaning from my life lessons so that I could become a better mom and better human being. I entered traditional counseling, evaluated my belief system, and nurtured my creative and spiritual interests. As I struggled to understand my past and create a new future while working and raising my children, I developed “The Secret Journey Series.” A program to help parents and children navigate life’s adversities together. All while helping children to develop character, acceptance and tolerance for themselves and others, and most importantly, to develop an appetite for lifelong learning.

The more recent chapter in my life began with the downturn of the economy. Faced with a new and challenging circumstance, I decided to seize the opportunity as a means to put myself and my concepts to the test. I entered the Psychology program at UCLA. And as an aside to my academics, I worked as a research assistant in the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab where I learned that forgetting is not such a bad thing. Especially if you are developing new habits. The Bjork Lab was an indispensable element for me while at UCLA, and where I met Saskia Giebl, MSc who is collaborating with me to expand The Secret Journey Journal’s in a fun and exciting new way.

I have also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Robert Bilder at Semel Institute, who heads the Mind Well Pod of the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative and is instrumental in their Integrative Medicine Program. The University’s rigorous research based education and the doctors that I have worked with have given me a renewed confirmation in the value of my lifetime interests. In the past several years, once again, I was able to experience firsthand the detrimental results of stress and its counterpart; a distraction from health supporting habits. I was reminded that just as our body systems are intertwined and have an effect on each other, so too do our personal choices and behaviors in the balancing of our lives. Similarly, I was revived with my involvement at the Mindful Awareness Research Center and in reviewing of the growing body of research which supports that our physical and mental health are a direct result of our belief systems, relationships, and lifestyle choices.

Without a doubt, today is the day to make better choices for a healthier future. With your best interest in mind, I look forward to bringing you my expertise and result driven techniques conveniently by phone, Skype, in home, or at your corporate site.

My combined ongoing research, life experience, and entertaining delivery has led me to be invited to speak for local and national groups of professionals, corporate leaders, human resource managers, educators, parents, mediators, and healthcare providers.

For further information on individual programs, group workshops, or corporate training contact:

Email: cathicuren@yahoo.com

Phone: 424-262-4115

© 2013 Cathi Curen, Holistic Children Radio


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