2017: Resolve to Be Authentically You

Cathi Curen


As an Astrologer and Lifestyle Coach, what gives my life meaning and purpose is helping others to realize their “star” quality. It’s really quite a miracle how stars are born and it relates I believe, to how we as humans come to live out our own light.

In short, each star begins as clouds of dust and gases, and over time these particles fall into itself and the center grows denser.

As the particles get hotter and hotter they start to stick and fuse together. This fusion becomes the energy source which switches the star on, and it begins to shine.

Why is this significant?

Because I believe we all have a purpose, a light that we can shine brighter or could be shining if we allow it to.

Why is this so hard?

We live in a world with so many influences and choices, many of which are not…

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