Moms Help Build Their Child’s Habits Sooner Than They Might Think

Cathi Curen, host of Holistic Children Radio

I remember asking one of my guests in an interview when he thought the job of parenting began, and the Dr. replied, “When parents are planning to have a baby.” Not so surprisingly research continues to support his response. As more studies are done on in utero experiences, the findings confirm what many moms have felt intuitively. That while still in the womb, babies and moms are not just physically connected, but emotionally as well.

One of the more interesting findings is that babies whose mom’s eat healthy while pregnant are prone to eat healthier after they are born. Now there’s some for thought! And speaking of thought, it is believed babies are influenced by mother’s thoughts as a result of her shared hormones. Moms really have one of the biggest jobs in the world and do exceptionally well considering that there is very little training and support for them at times.

Please join me when you can, as Holistic Children Radio expands the conversation on changing the way we see our kids. Here are a few links to our discussions on intuitive parenting with Dr. Gary Fewster and Dr. Debra J. Snyder:

Don’t Let Your Kids Be Normal

Intuitive Parenting


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